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In Graz

Antonis Rouvelas was born in Papadianika (Greece) in 1987 and since 2012 he lives in Graz, Austria. He holds a Bachelor Degree in music composition from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Department of Music Studies and a Master Degree from the University for Music and Performing Arts of Graz (supervisors: Dimitri Papageorgiou and Beat Furrer respectively). He is currently working on his PhD, researching on multimedia.

As composer he has has been performed and received commissions by numerous ensembles and organizations such as the Athens State Orchestra, the ensembles Musikfabrik, Schallfeld, DissonArt, Zeitfluss, Airborne Extended, Between Feathers, the organizations European Recorder Players Society, Open Music, New Greek Composers nowadays, the associations die Andere Saite, NOW! Oper der Gegenwart, etc. He also composes music for theater in collaboration with the organizations aXe, A4M Performing Arts Group and s'Kollektiv.

Antonis performs modal music on plucked string instruments since very young age, starting from Greek traditional and folk music and expanding the last years in the musics of the East. Currently he is performing with multiple music groups based in Graz, while he is the chairman of the association for eastern oriented music Echos, organizing and leading various cultural and educational projects. Antonis is also experienced in free improvisation performance, on various instruments. Since 2023 Antonis participates in the core team for children productions of the organization 7Circles, acting, performing and designing the light.

​Light design and operation is a later but rapidly developed skill of Antonis. Starting in 2022, Antonis was commissioned and designed more than 15 productions such as: the multimedia performance Seems like a portal and Jivata’s Mandala, the theater Traum:A:Welt and the festivals BrückenBauen and EnjoyFest.

Antonis Rouvelas has been selected for composition competitions, call for scores, closed-type seminars and scholarships such as: Composition Workshop with Beat Furrer and DissonArt ensemble (Music Village, 2011), Pierluigi Billone's masterclass PAS-E (Venice, 2012), 5th PanHellenic Composition Competition in memory of Dimitris Dragatakis (2nd prize, 2012), Tellogleion Arts Institution (scholarship, 2013), Composer Collider Europe project (ensemble Musikfabrik, 2017), Microfest competition (Prague, 2019), BMKÖS scholarship (Arbeitsstipendium, 2021), BMKÖS scholarship (Startsstipendium, 2022) etc. In 1st July's week 2023 Antonis was indicated as the ARTface of the week for the state of Styria.

​Part of his compositions is published by the online platforms Babelscores and escholarship.





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