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Instrumentation: String quartet

Duration: 15'

Year: 2008-09


Premiere​28.5.2009 - Students' string quartet concert - DissonArt ensemble - (Vafopouleio center, Thessaloniki)
Availability: Available for performance
- Composed during the third and fourth semester of undergraduate composition studies in Thessaloniki.

​​- Revisited in 2010.


Program note:

By eliminating straightforward apprehensible music ideas (melodies, rhythmic motives, solos), the string quartet runs as a multi-instrument that produces masses of fast and shapeless figures with a continuant streaming. The material is distorted, constructed, restructured, decelerated, accelerated, immobilized and recycled continuously, while it is situated in two parts that explored by a different interpretation. The arrangement of the performers plays a role, as well. According to it, the three higher instruments are placed traditionally across the audience, while the cello plays with its back turned to it. As a result of this, the cello’s dynamic is decreased, while the three higher instruments can function as a group. Finally, ocular and acoustic crosswise relations are formed by this arrangement. This work was based on the phrase ‘’passive people / lifers, slaves’’.

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