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Tricks on myself

​​Instrumentation: piece for fixed media (2 loudspeakers)

Duration: 7,5'

Year: 2010



​28.05.2010 - Vafopouleio center/Thessaloniki.

Availability: Available for performance


​-Written in May 2010 in Thessaloniki.

Program Note:

The work Tricks on myself was composed during 2010 and it was my first attempt of creating a work based completely in electronic fixed media and intuitive structural mechanisms. The work’s evolution adopts the chain reactions which happen between the elements of a restricted collection of spontaneous cellular sound ideas, whose concept was dealing with the metallic sound in general. Each idea obtains an abstract schema with multiple roles in the process, while the final result that derives from this process is a construction which seems like a wandering in a space of ideas’ variations. An additional technique, which was used in order to strengthen the concept of space, is the application of the dynamics as if their sound sources had an imaginary placing in a space where the listener moves around and faces them in relevance of his position. Additionally at some particular points of the background, some additional sound layers exist, which are not directly connected with the sound surface in order to amplify even more the spatial concept. All work’s material originates from studio recordings of light metal objects and exterior recordings of heavy ones.

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